2017 Dry Red

2017 Dry Red


Rowanston Reserve

Traditionally Shiraz, Merlot, and Pinot Noir have been blended to produce what is known as the Bordeaux blend. 

Typically, Shiraz has a dark fruit taste with a spicy, peppery finish. Merlot is not too sweet and not too dry either, and it has a fruity taste, it typically has flavours of watermelon, cherry, plum, and strawberry, and it is medium-bodied. Pinot Noir usually has a berry or black cherry taste and is on the lighter side of red. Pinot Noir usually tends to not be too dry however the older the Pinot Noir, the drier it tends to be.

Dry Red usually has no residual sugar and is not sweet. It is always compared to the Bordeaux style of wine. This is a wine with a beginning to the end on the palate and it is why we chose to blend. The wine will develop even more complexity over the years.

Rowanston Reserve 2017 Dry Red award track record: Silver Medal, China Wine Competition 2020

Technical Information

Blend of Shiraz, Merlot, and Pinot Noir, made separately then carefully blended, 2.5 years in French oak.

The 2017 Vintage season saw ecstatic winemakers. It was rated the ripening conditions as the best this century, with the last that went back further to the 1990s. Overall, low to moderate yields and will have very high-quality fruit.


Harvest Date: March 2017 | Bottled: 09 January 2020
Region: Macedon Ranges
Colour: Medium, bright red hue
pH 3.36pH | TA 5.9g/L | Alcohol 14%
Enclosure: Screw Cap
Volume Produced: 660 cases (twelve per case)