Tawny Aged Port

Tawny Aged Port


Rowanston On The Track

This wine using a wonderfully intense, rich, sweet Durif grapes bring the wine to taste richer, sweeter, nuttier and with more aged characters.

This wine has a nutty, caramelised character that often delivers buttered toffee and smoky vanilla themes in tandem with blackberry, ripe cherry, and crème brûlée alongside dried orange, sweet figs, and mocha notes with some age-designated bottles carrying the unmistakable aromas of spiced candied pecans or sticky toffee pudding (a classic English dish).

Tawny is the name given to Australia's most popular fortified wine style, formerly referred to as 'Tawny Port'. Australia recently agreed to discontinue the use of the term 'Port' in line with international labelling agreements, with 'Port' now used exclusively by the Portuguese.

Technical Information

The grapes are fermented until the wine reaches the desired sugar level, at which point the fermentation is stopped and wine spirit is added. This leaves residual sugars in the wine and raises the alcohol level to between 15% and 20% Alcohol by Volume (ABV) resulting in a wonderfully full-bodied, succulent and sweet wine.

Harvest Date: Non-vintage, the Year 1997 | Bottled: September 2017
Region: New South Wales
Colour: Medium, bright red hue
Alcohol 18.7%
Enclosure: Screw Cap
Volume Produced: 82 cases (twelve per case)